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What is certification? 
You can't buy it; you have to earn it. Certification is professional distinction -- official and public recognition of your achievement that you have met a national set of standards as a qualified and competent optician or contact lens technician. Certification is official assurance to the public that you will handle their eye wear needs competently and carefully; certification is recognized by employers as a standard of competence. 


Seven Reasons To Be Certified

  • Certification identifies you to the public and your co-workers as a qualified optician or contact lens technician.

  • Certification assures your customers that their prescription will be handled with care and competence.

  • Certification is recognized by employers as a standard of competence and offers rewards such as extra earning power and employment opportunities.

  • Certification may play a vital role in determining who will be accepted as a provider of services in managed care and future health care systems. Without certification you may be locked out of the health care system.

  • Certification offers increased job mobility, particularly among states with licensing.

  • Certification identifies you as someone who has met a national set of standards in addition to state requirements.

  • Certification proves you take pride in your profession and in maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge.

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